Your kitchen is more than just a place where you prepare your meals, it’s your control room. A multi-functional room that unites families together. But because they make up as one of the largest visible surfaces in your home, they can start getting dated pretty quickly. One way you could renovate your kitchen is by refreshing your kitchen cabinets. Your kitchen cabinets can be the making or breaking point of your apartment decorating vision whether you’ve just moved into your new house or you’ve lived in your house for ages.

With just a little imagination, there’s so much you can do to transform that horrible laminate ‘80s cabinet into a more stylish version. However, refreshing your kitchen cabinet could also be one of the most expensive projects you’ll ever undertake when improving your home. So what’s the solution? Well, you don’t need to shell out big bucks just to freshen up your tired kitchen cabinet. From paint and hardware to DIY projects and sources for budget materials, here are some of the clever and simple ways to breathe some life into your kitchen cabinet and give your kitchen a trendy and fabulous face lift.

  1. Consider Repainting your Kitchen Cabinets

One of the best ways you can refresh your tired kitchen cabinet is by adding a fresh layer of paint which won’t even cost you much. A very good idea is to give your kitchen cabinets a high-contrast look by mixing up colors on upper and lower cabinets. You can give your kitchen a dramatic look by painting only the upper cabinets white and then leaving the bottom cabinets in black color. Before you get started with the painting, make sure that the cabinets are properly cleaned and sanded free of the old stain. You should also sand every coat of paint you apply so as to give the final coat a sleek and modern look. You can as well try out several other colors that can go along with your type of material and finishing.

  1. Replace or even Remove Cabinet Doors

You don’t have to take on a full renovation by completely replacing your kitchen cabinets. You can give your kitchen a brand new look by just replacing your cabinets doors. You can opt for glass-paneled doors to give your kitchen a major upgrade. You can even decide to ditch the doors altogether to create an interesting look of open shelving that’ll give you a place to display your favorite bowls and dishes. Paint the inside of the cabinet to give the dishware on display a beautiful backdrop. Apart from plain clear glass, there also several other options available to choose from such as fluted, crackled, colored or patterned glasses and etched glasses.

  1. Replace or Add New Hardware

Without changing the door itself, replacing the knobs or handles on your kitchen cabinets are one of the easiest and quickest things to do to give the cabinet a new look and improve its functionality. The kind of hardware you’ll need to purchase depends on the look of your cabinet as you won’t want to replace 1-hole hardware with 2-hole hardware which will need unnecessary drilling or patching. You can choose modern metals such as brushed chrome, nickel, copper or stainless steel hardware.

  1. Add Task Lighting

This is one element you really need to add to your kitchen cabinet and breathe some life into it. If you find under-cabinet lights too expensive and messy, then you can consider adding lighting under and inside the cabinet with LED lights that are powered by battery. Although they may not be as bright as hard-wired under-cabinet lights but they are very much affordable which means you can buy several of them and spread them within your kitchen cabinets. You can even give your kitchen more elegance with a wall of framed art and lighting it will make it exceptionally captivating.

  1. Add Crown Molding

Crown molding adds a remarkable touch of class to your kitchen cabinets and make them look as good as new. Wood details like crown molding and dentils are also a great idea for you if your kitchen cabinets are in good solid condition already but you just feel you need an upscale and high-end look. You’ll usually get such an upgrade at extremely affordable prices. It’s best to add molding when you are re-painting your cabinets as this will help you obtain the perfect match.

  1. Add Special Amenities to your Kitchen Cabinets

Another smart way to make your kitchen cabinet more elegant is by adding elements such as wine storage and plate racks to it. This is especially great with open shelving and counters. The dead air space underneath upper shelves are also a great place to stash up mugs, classic white dishes, baking sheets and other special kitchen items.

  1. Indulge in Appealing Appliances and Architectural details

After improving and refreshing your kitchen cabinet, there’s need for you to opt for appliances that match your cabinetry paneling. Such appliances make a big difference, think of them as decorative rather than operative. Another great idea to give your kitchen cabinet that electric look is by adding items such as valances and corbels under overhead cabinets. This can transform your cabinet from just the ordinary into something amazing.

Refreshing your kitchen cabinet is a great way to add some touch of elegance to your home and especially the most important room in your house. So, go ahead and follow these ideas… your kitchen cabinets are waiting on you!


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