Living Room Ideas: Make Your House Comfy and Cool

The living room is the heart of your home.  It’s where we relax, watch TV, spend time with family – the living room is where we, well, live.  It’s also the space where we welcome guests and entertain. Like we take good care of the hearts in our bodies, we should also make sure to put the heart of our homes at the top of our priority list.  If you’re decorating a new space, are stuck in a design rut, or just want some fresh ideas, here are some great ways to decorate with some comfy and cool living room ideas.

#1  Create a Gallery Wall

Aristotle said that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” – a gallery wall can be greater than all of your favorite photos and art pieces haphazardly placed on the walls.  A gallery wall is a planned arrangement of framed art that form a showcase in a living room.  The key is to find coordinating art pieces and frames and then plan out your layout before you start hanging.

#2  Frame Your Flat Screen

When they first started creating television sets, they were small and (new/innovative) – they were a design piece in themselves – sometimes they were even housed in ornately carved wooden boxes.  However, as televisions in the living room are now universal, they look a little less pleasing to the eye.  Now that they are bigger than ever, a great way to make them less obtrusive is to frame them where you hang them.

#3  Try Some DIY Art

Even if you aren’t particularly crafty, why not liven up your space with some easy DIY abstract art projects.  You can use paint chips, clothespins, twine and all other kinds of households items to make a simple and individual piece.  Paintings like the one pictured are a great and simple place to start.  First, use masking tape to make shapes on the canvas.  Then, paint over the entire canvas (including the tape).  When dry, remove the tape and voila – an easy-peasy homemade masterpiece.

#4  Add Simple Wall Shelves

Though shelves are often used for storage, they can also make an impactful design statement as well.  When you’re using shelves for decoration, make them simple and decorate them sparsely.  These shelves can contain decorative objects, a few books with decorative or simple covers, candles, and vases.  Make sure to coordinate the objects on display so that they look great together.

#5  Hide Your Lamp Cords

Have you ever noticed that in home design magazines, you often see beautiful lamps on side tables and never see how or where they are plugged in.  With some planning and thought, you can create this look at home.  Use cord clips to run the cords of your lights behind your pieces of furniture where they can’t be seen.

#6  Organize and Style Bookshelves

Of course your bookshelves should be used for what they’re made for – storing books.  But that doesn’t mean they have to be an eye sore.  Organize and style your bookcases by storing like books together and grouping objects by colors.  Don’t be afraid to add a little flair as well.  In addition to decorative bookends you can include tall accent pieces, framed photos, greenery, and pretty boxes (that can also double as storage).

#7 Fluff Your Throw Pillows

Throw pillows for your couch are just as important to decoration as they are for being comfortable in your living room.  When you’re choosing throw pillows you want to make sure that they match your living room’s design scheme, fit in your budget, and are comfortable enough that you’d actually want to lie on them!  Once you’ve picked the perfect ones, make sure to keep them looking and feeling good. Of course you can fluff pillows by hand but you can also put the pillows in the dryer with a tennis ball or even leave the pillow out in the sun to fluff it.

#8 Make It Smell Like Home

One simple way to make your living room feel like the heart of the home that when it smells awesome.  You can use potpourri, incense, or plug-in fragrances – whatever you like best.  Make sure that your air stays clean by opening the windows often or adding some indoor plants to your space. Research says that memory and smell are intertwined – smells help us recall early memories.  So make sure the memories that you create smell lovely.

#9 Choose Design Pieces That Double As Storage

Because we spend so much time in our living rooms, if we’re not careful, they can accumulate a lot of clutter.  Great looking storage furniture can help you kill two birds with one stone by giving you a space to stash away your stuff and adding to the room’s design.  Try a coffee table with drawers or even an ottoman that turns into a storage trunk.  You can also use decorative boxes to store papers for easy access and aesthetics.

#10 Enjoy It With Family And Friends

It would be awesome to have a living room that looks like it was on the cover of Good Housekeeping.  Yes, we should definitely take time and effort to create a space that we love.  But it’s important to make design choices that are functional and practical as well as being beautiful.  Nothing makes a living room feel more like home than filling it and enjoying it with family and friends.

Hopefully some of these living room ideas sparked your imagination.  The most rewarding design choices are ones that look beautiful and make you feel at home.  So, make sure to take your preferences and comfort into consideration when planning your space.

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