Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Home

Don’t fear! Spring cleaning tips are here! Warmer temperatures mean different things for different people, but one common occurrence after the winter cold has begun to break is that people begin to take on the task of spring cleaning their homes. For some, the urge to clean comes around as the cluster phobic feeling of hibernating in the house all winter begins to be too much to bear. The sunshine and warmer temperatures outside make it time to break free of the dirt and dust build up and open the windows to the outside world. Don’t let spring cleaning overwhelm you, follow the following tips for spring cleaning the interior and exterior of your home and it will be a breeze.

Tips for Spring Cleaning the Interior of Your Home


Heating your home over the winter months causes a build-up of dust on almost every surface. It is time to get out your best micro fiber cloth and dust, dust, dust. Don’t forget to move things off the surfaces first or you’ll leave a ring of dust behind.


Scrub the kitchen counters, the cabinets, the bathroom sink and the tub. Scrub every non-porous surface in sight. These places are used constantly and can definitely use a deep clean once a year to rid themselves of built up grime and germs.


Once your surfaces are clean, it is time to move down to the floors. You know, where all the extra dirt and dust ended up after cleaning the surfaces of your home. Vacuum behind the couch, under the table and between the cracks. Dust and dirt has found a home in all these places all winter long. This is also the time to deep clean non-carpeted floors with an old fashioned mop and a good floor cleaner.


Yes, it is time to go through the dreaded junk drawer where everything gets thrown. This is your chance to figure out why you have coupons that are four months old and enough semi-used batteries, of all different sizes, to last you a year. Transition your spring and summer clothes in your closet, storing the rest, and donate anything you haven’t worn in two years minimum. The bathroom closets could use some organization help as well. Click here for a neat page on spring cleaning your medicine cabinet and how to stock up on things you will need for summer. Spring cleaning is all about getting ready for the warmer months ahead!


Now that your closet is organized, give those winter sweaters and corduroy pants, that won’t see the light of day for another seven months, one last wash. This is the time to change the sheets, air out the mattress and put on the lighter spring and summer comforter.

Tips for Spring Cleaning the Exterior of Your Home

Don’t neglet the outside of your home. It needs some spring cleaning love too.

Power Washing

Don’t have a power washer? No problem. A hose with a strong stream will do the trick. Wash the siding or brick of your home to remove dirt build-up. Also use water to clear sidewalks, patios and driveways of left over salt from the winter and any dirt that decided to stick around.

Window Washing

You’ve already washed the inside windows, but the outside of windows get dirty too. Don’t limit your view of the beautiful springtime flowers blooming because you neglected to wash the outside of your windows. Paper towels and a good cleaner will do the trick. You may need a ladder for two story windows. Keep the ladder out for the task below.

Gutter Cleaning

If you didn’t clean your gutters out in the fall, now is the time to do it. Fall brings lots of leaves that can lodge themselves in your gutters, making it impossible to correctly drain water from your roof. You don’t want April showers to cause flooding problems in your home due to clogged gutters. Also check that you don’t have any clogs! Here is a great link on how to clean gutters yourself.

Whether you own a home or rent, these are good spring cleaning tips for anyone looking to de-clutter and start off spring with a clean space. Cleaning and organizing your home will have positive health effects (cleaner air and less germs) as well as make you feel better emotionally.


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