Top 10 White Paints

White has a lot of different shades, it’s not a boring color. Here are the different kinds of white that will inspire you to choose the right shade for your space.

The power of a white room is stunning — clean and crisp, the neutral palette adds a dose of instant chic to any home. With a never-ending array of undertones and finishes, finding the perfect white paint for your space can be a daunting task.

1. Sherwin Williams – Greek Villa. “This is my favorite soft white, because it looks beautiful in any light. I have used this both at projects on the coast and in the hills of Tennessee. It neither reads pink nor yellow, but stays true soft white.”


2. Zolatone – The Counterpointe Collection. “Several varying shades of white, all pearlized. An awesome set of paint options to glamorize cabinetry for bathroom vanities and closets. Subtle, but elegant.”

3.Sherwin Williams – Oyster White. “Just like the name states, a perfect white with slight gray undertones. This is a wonderful, more gray option for walls and trim, providing a sense of mystery without appearing too dark.”

4. Benjamin Moore – Super White. A hue that evokes the atmosphere of an art gallery, this white has no undertones and is ideal for displaying art (or furnishings you want to stand out like a piece of art).

5. Farrow and Ball – Strong White. “Another great white for walls and millwork. I love the crispness that it adds to a space.”

7. Fine Paints of Europe – WC-05. “This paint is very luxurious and thick in texture, great for your front door! I love the high gloss finish — it is reminiscent of the stunning doors you encounter in Europe.”

8. Benjamin Moore – Winter Orchard. This white has just a subtle tinge of gray in it — meaning it works with every color.

9. Sherwin Williams – Spatial White. “It has a soft lavender undertone. I use this color when I want to create a romantic mood.”

10. Benjamin Moore – Cloud White. “This soft white is another great go-to for your walls and millwork. As the name suggests, it reminds me of a big fluffy cloud on a hot summer day.”


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